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Prof. Ph.D. Jerffeson Teixeira de Souza

He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the School of Information Technology and Engineering (SITE) University of Ottawa, Canada. He is an adjunct professor at the State University of Ceará (UECE) and Pro-rector for Postgraduate and Research UECE, having worked as Research Director UECE, Coordinator of Academic Masters in Computer Science UECE (MACC) and Coordinator general of the Integrated Professional Master in Applied Computer UECE / IFCE (MPCOMP). Currently he is the Coordinator of the Group of Engineering Optimization Software UECE (GOES.UECE) and Software Standards UECE (GPS.UECE) and Coordinator of the Specialization in Software Engineering with Emphasis on Software Standards UECE (EES). He is also an elected member of the Steering Committee of the International Symposium on Search Based Software Engineering and nominated member of the Hillside Group. He also worked as Co-President of the Fourth Latin American Conference on Pattern Languages ​​of Programming (SugarLoafPLoP 2004), as Co-Chair of the Program Committee in the SugarLoafPLoP 2007, as President SugarLoafPLoP 2008 and is currently Co-Chair of Committee Program of the 4th International Symposium on Search Based Software Engineering (SSBSE'2012). He is one of the forerunners in the field of Search Based Software Engineering in Brazil and one of the leading resarchers of this area in the country and was also the founder and General Coordinator of the I I Workshop Brasileiro de Otimização em Engenharia de Software (woes), which was nominated after as Workshop Brasileiro Engenharia de Software Baseada em Busca (WESB). His research interests are: Optimization in Software Engineering, Documentation and Application of Software Patterns and Technical Study and Application of Data Mining Algorithms.

MSc Students

Raphael Lima Saraiva

Research: Search Based Software Engineering

Italo Yeltsin M. Bruno

Research: Search Based Software Engineering

Undergraduated Students

Pamella Soares de Sousa

Research: Search Based Software Engineering

Completed Projects - MSc Dissertations

Vanessa Veloso Aragão

Research: Dynamic Bugs Prioritization in Open Source Repositories with Evolutionary Techniques

Ludmila Varela Arruda

Research: Selection of Test Cases for Automation

Thiago Oliveira Pinheiro

Research: Search Based Software Engineering

Lucas Winther de A. Roque

Research: Human resource allocation in agile software projects based on task similarities

Altino Dantas Basilio Neto

Research: Software Release Planning Based on Interactive Optimization Through the Formalization of Decision Maker Preferences

Duany Dreyton B. Sousa

Research: A multi-objective approach to prioritize and recommend bugs in open source repositories

Allysson Allex de P. Araújo

Research: An Architecture using Interactive Genetic Algorithm and Machine Learning applied to the Next Release Problem

Thiago do N. Ferreira

Research: Interactive Approaches using Ant Colony Optimization for the Next Release Problem

Matheus Henrique E. Paixão

Research: A Robust Optimization Approach to the Next Release Problem in the Presence of Uncertainties

Fabrício Gomes de Freitas

Research: Application of Optimization in the Presence of Uncertain Data Selection in Multi-objective Software Requirements with Precedence

Paulo Alberto Melo Barbosa

Research: An Optimization-Based Approach for Prioritizing Software Requirements Considering the Stability of Requirement

Camila Loiola B. Maia

Research: An Integrated, Interactive and Multi-objective Approach to the Problems of Selection, Prioritization and Allocation of Test Cases

Ítalo Mendonça Rocha

Research: An Optimized Approach to the Problem of Allocation Teams and Task Scheduling for Obtaining Efficient Schedules

Márcia Maria A. Brasil

Research: An Applied Approach to Releases Planning in Iterative and Incremental Software Development

Dayvison Chaves Lima

Research: A Fuzzy Framework for Prioritizing Software Requirements

Completed Projects - Undergraduated Thesis

Raphael Lima Saraiva

Research: Search Based Software Engineering

Italo Yeltsin M. Bruno

Research: An Adaptation of the Genetic Operators to the Next Release Problem with Interdependencies betweeen Requirements

Thiago Gomes N. da Silva

Research: A Hybrid Technique Using Genetic Algorithms and Linear Programming for Multi-Objective Problems

Thiago do N. Ferreira

Research: Application of Bee Colony Algorithm Simulated on Software Release Planning Problem with Precedence Requirements

Felipe Yalle Azevedo

Research: Allocating Test Cases for Testers: A Mathematical Formulation for the Problem

Paulo Alexandre da S. Costa

Research: A New Multi-objective Approach to the Release Planning Problem

Gabriela Rocha M. Linhares

Research: Application of Reactive GRASP Algorithm for the Next Release Problem

Fabrício Gomes de Freitas

Research: Exact Optimization Applied to Requirements Engineering

Rafael Augusto F. do Carmo

Research: EasyMeta: A Framework of Metaheuristics for Mono-objective Optimization Problems

Felipe Colares Torres

Research: A New Approach Based on Multi-objective Optimization for Releases Planning in Software Projects