• Research Lines


The GOES.UECE (Optimization in Software Engineering Group of the State University of Ceará) presents as a national pioneer research in the emerging field of Computation known as "Search Based Software Engineering". The group works with researchers at undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Computation. The group has supported in term papers of Bachelors and Masters in Computer Science with topics related to SBSE field.

The scientific production of the group mainly happens at relevant national events and journals. In addition to practical work and application of optimization techniques in complex problems of Software Engineering, the group also performs production of theoretical material about optimization techniques such as metaheuristics, and on SBSE.

Research Lines

Software Engineering

Analyze the software development stages to identify situations that present complex problems that it's not solved by conventional software engineering techniques.

Requirements Engineering

A process that encompasses all activities that contribute to the production of a requirements document and its maintenance over time. Formulations and solutions to complex problems involving software requirements are studied.

Interactive Optimization

Strategy able to employ the DM as a protagonist in the solution evaluation process, so that his knowledge and other psychological aspects are incorporated in the search process.


Application of metaheuristics and mathematical optimization techniques in complex problems of software engineering.